UYN Youth Ministry Newsletter #7

July 3, 2008 - Leave a Response

UYN Peoples,

First, I must apologize.  It’s been nearly two weeks since our last newsletter came out.  There are two primary reasons that this is the case: 1) I’ve been really busy getting ready to be out of the office for two weeks (one at the beach with the youth and another in workshops at NOBTS); 2) there really – and I mean really – hasn’ t been too much activity in the youth ministry blogosphere over the last couple of weeks.  Don’t worry, this week has picked up a little.  Last week, though, there was nothing!

Okay, sorry – no more excuses.  Without any further ado, here is your UYN Youth Ministry Newsletter #7.


DISCIPLE NOW!!! In August.  A group of churches from Alma and Baxley are putting together a Disciple Now for the weekend of August 15-16.  And get this, they want all of us Douglas/Coffee County boys to get in on the action.  As for me and my church, we will do the Disciple Now.  They’ve got Shawn McDonald coming to put on a concert and lead worship.  Here is a link to the theme of the event. 

You need to do it too!  I know it’s kind of late, but seriously, it’s not that late.  We’re youth pastors, remember?  That’s what we do.  We do things late!  Anyways, if you’re interested in joining us, we’d love to have you.  Send me an email ( or give me a call (912-389-5689).  I’ll fill you in as best as I can.

Our first link is to a series of surveys on religious issues.  The surveys’ information, which is a lot, is helpful, but the flash animation/graphic artwork behind the surveys is really cool too.   Make sure you go and check this out. 


Next up on the list is a denominational resource (sorry to all you non-Southern Baptists out there).  It’s the SBC Youth Ministry newsletter.  For those of you that may be interested (I realize that many of you are not affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention), here’s a link to the recent Georgia Baptist Convention Youth Ministry Newsletter.  It contains information about all the programs and events that the GBC is offering to youth ministries over the course of the next year or so.  I’m definitely wanting to hit up Conclave ’09 in January!

Third on out list is a link to a really funny video, Mandles, c/o Mr. Reuben Farrey of Alma, GA.  Thanks for the kink, Reuben.  Absolutely hilarious!

Trying to Look Cool at Church – a very funny article that, shamefully so, I found myself being unfortunately able to relate to a little too much. 

Muddy River Media – Free Media!!!  I’m serious, it’s all absolutely free.  There are tons of still images, background video loops, video timer/countdowns that you can use in Mediashout or SongShow.  And did I mention that it’s free.  There’s a one-time account registration sign-up, but no cost is attached and they don’t ask for any credit card information.  Go check it out. 

30 Practical Ways for Pastors to Love Their Wives & Families – an article compiled by several pastors and made availble by IX Marks Ministries out of Washington D. C.  The name of the article is description enough.

So here’s an article that gives ideas about how to raise the funds to go on mission trips and the like.  Fundraising Ideas from Rethinking Youth Ministry. 

Last up on our list of links for the week is a really interesting article that uses a survey-system to link high school student personas (i.e. “the geek,” “the jock,” “the cheerleader,” etc.) with jobs, salaries, and levels of happiness later in life.  In other words, the article takes what people used to be when they were in high school and compares it with what they are now as adults.  It was actually pretty interesting. 


Deek Dubberly
Youth Pastor
Eastside Baptist Church


UYN Youth Ministry Newsletter #6

June 20, 2008 - Leave a Response

 Hello UYN family,

I hope this week’s newsletter finds you all doing well, working hard, and loving students!

Here’s a few hopefully helpful links for you:

1) Here is an article on Swimming Pool Activity Ideas.  Some were pretty good, some were pretty crazy – especially the one with the pickup truck and water skis!

2) Here is a somewhat different kind of an article.  It’s called, “Why Mormons Do Better Youth Ministry Than We Do.”  It’s by Greg Stier, president of Dare 2 Share Ministries.

3) Here are the findings of some recent surveys that reveal what teens are watching most on TV, viewing most in the Internet, what they think is cool, etc., etc.

On another note, as youth leaders one of our primary tasks is to teach and preach the Word of God to our students.  I hope – sincerely hope – that you do not take this task lightly or begrudgingly.  The following is a list of helpful – and free – Bible study resources that are available on the web:

1) Bible Gateway – This is an awesome website.  You can look up words, phrases, and passages in over twenty different English translations, versions, and/or paraphrases of the Bible.  You can also do multiple passage searches in multiple versions at the same time! 

2) Blue Letter Bible – This is an awesome site, especially when it comes to basic Bible language aids.  You can look up any passage of Scripture.  You can look up what Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic word is used in that passage.  Let’s use John 1:1 as an example.  Here’s the passage.  Here’s the breakdown of each of the words of the passage.  Here the breakdown of the Greek word for “Word.”  Pretty neat, huh?  And it’s all free!

3) Desiring God – This is the ministry resource of John Piper, pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church.  Especially helpful on this site are the hundreds – thousands even – of audio and video sermons that are available for free.  I like to hear what other guys have to say about the Scriptures I am addressing.  I especially like to hear what Piper has to say.  (And, if you didn’t listen to it when I posted it before, here’s what he had to say to us youth folks.)

4) – This is a pretty cool site.  They boast over 14,000 sermons from the past century…and you can listen to or read all of them…FOR FREE!

Let me encourage you to take your Bible study time to another level.  God will be honored by it and you and your students will be enriched by it.

Thanks for reading, clicking, and linking along with me.  I’m praying for all of you and your respective ministries even as a type this.

Your brother,
Deek Dubberly
Youth Pastor
Eastside Baptist Church

UYN Youth Ministry Newsletter #5

June 12, 2008 - Leave a Response

Hey friends,

Here are some hilarious videos that were put together for Group’s National Youth Ministry Conference.  Perhaps you can relate to the things that they joke about.  I know that I could.  To view the other videos (there’s 10 in all), just click on any of the thumbnail images that are on the right side of the screen.

Here’s 40 Free Backgrounds that you can use on a powerpoint or Mediashout program.  Enjoy.

Enjoy these free QT eJournals based out of the Gospel of John.  It’s a daily devotional guide that I put together for my youth to do this summer.  Each day there’s a Scripture reading and a space a few lines for journaling.  It’s a fantastically unalarming intro introduction for young people to some of the spirtual disciplines.  

Youth Group Quality Control.  Here’s a great survey that Cloverdale Youth Ministries gives out each spring to its youth leaders, paid and volunteer.  The youth pastor collects the surveys and sits and meets with each leader one-on-one to discuss their answers.  It’s a greaet article.  You can read it here.

Haha, here’s a funny and sarcastic article about youth ministers trying to sound cool by speaking the teen lingo of the day.  (Unfortunately, yes I do fit into that category from time-to-time.  The article comes from a blogger who refers to himseld as “Prodigal John.”  His blog is definitely one of my favorites.

Oh, and this is a wonderful article on how “good” God is helping us through the Scriptures – more specifically, on how the trials in our lives really emphasize and get us to understand the truths that we find in Scripture.

Also, you may want to check out the Prodigal Son Complex (otherwise known as the indoor skate park here in Douglas).  It’s over here by me on the Eastside of town.  These guys are putting on a “Summer Bash” on Saturday, June 21st, from 12:00pm – until.  The activities they are advertising for the day include: a giant water slide, live music, greased pigs, skate park, bounce house, mud football, a super slip’n slide, and volleyball.  The cost for admission is $15.  For more information check them out at or call 912-384-6592. 

And also, perhaps some of you have already worked on a seminary degree.  If not, maybe you’ve at least thought about it.  Here’s a great article called, “To Seminary, or Not to Seminary,” by Dan Phillips over at the Pyromaniacs blog. 

That’s all for now.  Again, just as with last week’s newsletter, I’m sorry that there’s not more (or more relevant) resources out there this week.  This is all that I could find.  My suspicions are that because its summer, all the youth-ministry-guru-blogger-guys are too busy to post more.  Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy the content.

As always, yours in youth ministry,

Deek Dubberly

UYN Youth Ministry Newsletter #4

June 5, 2008 - Leave a Response

What’s goin on, my UYN friends,

It is once again time for some good old-fashioned free youth ministry resources.  I hope this stuff is helpful for all of you.  If nothing else, maybe it will serve to get those youth ministry minds churning.  Sometimes, the best thing to motivate me to do something is to read about it.  For example, whenever I read books on prayer, most often they do not contain earth-shattering, innovative prayer techniques, but they do make me think about prayer more.  As a result, I pray more.  Perfect!  It is my prayer that these UYN Youth Ministry Newsletters serve you all in a similar way.


Dare 2 Share page on how to share with people of different faiths: (just scroll down a little past the page’s halfway mark or so and you’ll see it. It’s called, “How to Share Your Faith With…”  While you’re there, make sure to notice that the page your own boasts roughly 1,200 free youth ministry resources. 

Thought that you might enjoy some game ideas.  Some of these I’ve tried, some of them I haven’t.  They come with YouTube video demonstrations:
Tennis balls, panty hose, helicpter-head
Balloons, stuffed t-shirts, bodybuilder poses
The classic sports-ball-to-human-head-under-a-box-switch game
Human burrito races
Don’t-touch-the-chair game
Cereal Box Limbo
Blanket Racing (works on grass well too – if you don’t have hardwood surface)
Balloons, tubes, and something
Marshmallows, chocolate syrup, and safety goggles
How to make a sandwich

 If you’re at all like me, then you love to read.  Here are some fantastic articles that will only take up a couple minutes of your time: 1) “When You Have to be the Bad Guy” (on discipline and bad behavior in the youth group); 2) “13 Helpful Tips for Adult Leaders in Student Ministry” (awesome article on what to do as an adult when you’re actually in the youth service); 3) “Graduating from Church: An Honest Look at Transitioning High School Grads” (the absolute best article I’ve ever read on the subject!); and 4) “Don’t Ask Me…I’m Just a Volunteer” (an article about what it feels like to be a volunteer written by an actual youth volunteer.)

I know I probably sound like a broken record when it comes to the book, Do Hard Things.  I’ve made a plug for it on perhaps every UYN Newsletter.  However, it’s new, it’s great, and it keeps getting a lot of attention.  Here is a free study guide to go with the book.  

Chuck Colson has a series of interviews where he deals with teen topics and issues.  Here is an interview he does with Alex and Brett Harris, authors of, Do Hard Things.

Pornography – this summer we’re doing a Wednesday night campaign that pits that guys against the girls in some heavy competition.  Part of that involves splitting them up for the sermons time each week.  The girls are doing a study through the book of Esther. We boys we be doing many things, one of which will include a muti-week study on lust: what it is, what it does, what is doesn’t do, how to get help fighting against it, etc.  Here’s a free eBook that I came across over at “Freebie Fridays” at Tim Schmoyer’s site.  While I’m at it, let me recommend some resources for computer users that will help fight against the temptation to give in to lust and pornography.  x3 Watch is a free acountability software that monitors every website visited by your computer.  It sends emails to accountability partners (that you choose) detailing any sites that are deemed inappropriate.   Covenant Eyes is another option you may want to consider.

Also, here’s a video interview with one of my heroes, John Piper, about Bible study and prayer.  Make sure to check it out.  It’s only a few minutes long.  And while we’re talking about Bible study and prayer, here are Mark Dever’s responses in an interview where he was asked about his personal devotional time. 

Ever get asked tough questions?  Ever think of them on your own?  Here’s a list of dozens and dozens of questions that are answered by John Piper in his weekly “Ask Pastor John” sessions.

Thanks for reading along,
Deek Dubberly
Youth Pastor
Eastside Baptist Church

P.S.  Sorry that this newsletter is not as long as some of the others.  To be honest with you, and at least as far as I can tell, there was not a lot going on in the youth ministry blogosphere this past week.  I’m sure its because summer is here and mission trips and camps and vacations have begun.

UYN Newsletter #3

May 29, 2008 - Leave a Response

Hello again my UYN friends,

Here’s yet another batch of freshly-baked youth ministry goodies!  Please pass these resources on to other youth workers at your church, other youth pastors in our community, and other people anywhere that you can think of that might benefit from them.  I don’t have everyone’s email address, but if we each forward this stuff along, that means that more youth workers are getting more free resources.  And that’s great.

Also, and this is really good, I just launched a new UYN Newsletter blog today.  The purpose of it is to archive all of the UYN newsletters that I send out so you can go there and find any of the links that I’ve put in any of the newsletter emails.  The UYN Newsletter blog address is:  Enjoy!

àFirst up, you may have heard of the organization called Youth Specialties.  Their founder, Mike Yaconelli, died in a car accident in October of 2003.  Author of countless articles and books on youth ministry, speaker to untold thousands at youth conferences across the globe, this man truly was remarkable.  Here’s a very inspiring video montage of Mike speaking to youth workers (Make sure your volume is turned up – clicking the link will open a streaming video in your default video player). 

àThis is most definitely one of the more histerical pictures I have seen this entire year!  It’s not really related to youth ministry, but maybe you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.  

àNorman Vincent Peale, Protestant preacher and author, said that, “The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.  How true that is!  Let me encourage you to get feedback from your pastor, your church leadership, your students, and perhaps most importantly, from your volunteer youth workers.  A couple of weeks ago I had a youth worker meeting and gave the following youth workers’ survey to my youth workers.  The response was incredibly helpful, though not all of it was easy to swallow.  Chances are, you as a youth worker are not doing everything that you should be doing.  On top of that, you’re probably doing some things that you shouldn’t be doing.  And get this, the things that you are doing that you should be doing could probably be done better.  Feedback surveys like the one linked above can go a really long way in helping us to be better youth pastors leading better youth groups raising up better disciples of Christ.

àWith graduation having just passed us by, the thoughts of graduated students leaving our youth groups behind and heading off to college are very much in our minds.  Here’s a website that seeks to help transition youth-group-oriented high school students to young disciples of Christ that are ready to face the secular worldviews prominent on nearly every college campus.  Here’s a couple of books that may prove helpful in this area too: 1) How to Stay Christian in College, by J. Budziszewski; 2) University of Destruction, by David Wheaton; Ask Me Anything, also by J. Budziszewski; and Basic Christianity, by John Stott.

àWhoa!  DO NOT MISS THIS!!!  Simply Youth Ministry is currently putting on their once-a-year FreeForAll.  If you’re willing to click around and search hard enough, you’ll find all sorts of freebies that are filed in six different categories: 1) Junior High; 2) Media; 3) Training; 4) Discipleship; 5) Sermons; and 6) Small Group.  Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity to get free stuff.

àJosh Griffin is the High School Pastor at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA.  Here he offers three tips for how to talk about sex with your youth group.  And please remember, he’s a HIGH SCHOOL pastor.  The things he talks about in the video were shared with high schoolers, not middle schoolers.  There’s a huge difference you know. 

àI may have already plugged this book, but even if I have its worth another nod.  Alex and Brett Harris have written a book called, Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion against Low Expectations.  The book is absolutely fantastic and I could not recommend to you highly enough.  Check out this interview that NPR did with Alex and Brett.  It’s titled, “Teens: Don’t Be Lazy.”  (Once you follow the link to the interview, make sure to click the “Listen Now” link that is towards the top of the page.  The audio interview will open up in a NPR media player.)

Thanks for reading, friends.  And don’t forget to check our newsletter out on the web at!!!

Your fellow laborer in youth ministry,
Deek Dubberly
Mark 8:35-36

UYN Newsletter #2

May 29, 2008 - Leave a Response

UYN folks,

Here’s your piping hot, steaming-with-freshness UYN Youth Ministry Newsletter #2.  To start things off, I figured we all could use a little laugh.  Check out this hilarious YouTube video.  Make sure your volume is turned up enough to hear the music. 

Also, here’s an article, perhaps the best illustration about forgiveness that I’ve ever seen, by Josh Harris.  You may recognize this author’s name.  He’s a great author for us to be getting out into the hands of our youth to read.  He’s authored books such as I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Boy Meets Girl, Sex Is Not the Problem (Lust Is), Not Even a Hint and Stop Dating the Church. 

Next, if you’re like me, then you love to play games with your students.  Of course, let’s hope that these games don’t come at the expense of devotional time or sermon time.   But assuming that they don’t, playing group games can be an awesome opportunity to get your students and leaders working together and getting to know each other better.  Here’s a free online book filled with ice-breaker game ideas à free ebook on ice breakers.

Here a youth ministry guru for you: Tim Schmoyer.  He has been kind enough to offer all of us a free “Tips on Youth Ministry” ebook.

Don’t you just love free stuff?  Here’s another something free from Tim Schmoyer.  He gives us what he calls, “Freebie Fridays.”  It’s a pretty large collection of free youth ministry resources.  He gives away something new and different every Friday.  Make sure to notice that at the bottom of his “Freebie Friday” page there’s a link called “Previous Entries.”  This will take you to more pages of free stuff. 

Check this out.  You’ve heard of Jeff Foxworthys’s, “You might be a redneck if…” jokes.  Well, take a look at these, “You might be a youth worker if…” posts.  Notice that there are dozens and dozens of comments at the bottom of the page.  These are hilarious…and there’s a ton of them.  I definitely can relate to many, if not most, of these comments. 

Any of you guys ever felt like quitting before?  Many of us have.  Here’s an article that may help.  Also, I found something called, “Ten Commandments for Surviving Youth Ministry.”  You may find that helpful as well.

Ooh, and check this out.  Youth Specialties offers a free article titled, “Youth Ministry Tips, Timesaver and Tricks 1-100.” 

Food Planning Chart can be tremendously helpful when I’ve got a bunch of students to feed.  I mean, sure, we all may know how to cook up a few dishes, but when you’re cooking for 50 or a hundred, things can get a little stressful.


And hey, how about this: an article about what to do when most of your volunteers stand around and do nothing.  This one is particularly significant for me, but not because I have bad volunteer youth workers.  As it turns out, I have absolutely wonderful volunteers.  The problem I’m having is that I haven’t communicated what their roles are very well.  We’re working on that.

I sat down with a couple of youth pastors from Alma earlier this week.  They want all of Coffee County boys (and Irwin and Atco. too) to join them for a huge DiscipleNow in Aug.  All of the offifical information has not been announced yet, but
here is the theme, here is the musician they have booked to come and lead worship, and the large group meetings will take place on Friday and Saturday nights (Aug. 15th and 16th) at Cross Ties in Baxley, GA. 

Well that’s about all for now.  Thanks for reading and I hope that you all are gleaning some helpful information from the links provided. 

In Christ,
Deek Dubberly
Ps. 119:89
Youth Pastor
Eastside Baptist Church   

P.S.  Make sure to do your devotions!!!  They are without a doubt the most important and necessary part of what you do and who you are as a youth leader.

UYN Newsletter #1

May 29, 2008 - Leave a Response

Hello United Youth Network friends and family,

I’ve felt compelled for the last couple of weeks to put together something of a UYN Newsletter.  This email will serve as the first attempt at fulfilling that desire. 

As of late I have become addicted to blogs.  I am subscribed to roughly thirty-something different blogs.  I read them pretty much everyday.  They are really great for helping keep me up to date with what’s going on in the worlds of youth ministry, theology, and other unrelated stuff.  I would like to share with you some of the helpful things that I’ve been finding lately.  In fact, everything that I will share with you in this newsletter will be the result of my blog-browsing activities from this week alone.  As you’ll see, there’s a tremendous wealth of information and free resources available to help us youth leaders out.

Here’s some of the stuff that I found helpful:

1. SEX – Recently my group and I have been doing a several week long series of sermons called, “Student Struggles.”  We have had sermons on purity, identity, acceptance, and…DATING.  Out of all the things that we’ve talked about, Dating has definitely been the most popular.  Last night (Wednesday night), I wrapped up a three-week sermon on dating by answering thirteen questions that my students submitted a few weeks ago.  And then today I read this article:  Man, I wish I had read that article before I spent three weeks speaking on dating.  Teenagers usually don’t have any problems understanding that the Bible says “No-sex-before-marriage,” but do they understand why it says that?  The article contained at the link above does one of the better jobs of explaining the “why” question that I’ve ever come across.


2. MODESTY – A topic closely related to dating and sex is the subject of modesty.  Pastor and author C. J. Mahaney put together a seven-entry series of blogs that dealt with this very subject.  His ministry has compiled these seven entries into one and included a study guide.  You may view that document here:  Also, Alex and Brett Harris, authors of the blog,, and of the new book, Do Hard Things (which is absolutely fantastic), have also done some work on the subject of modesty.  You may view the results and findings of a monstrous survey concerning teenagers and modesty that they put together at:

3. SERMONS ON YOUTH MINISTRY – John Piper, esteemed author and Pastor for Vision and Preaching at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN, has preached two of the better sermons on youth ministry that I’ve ever heard.  You may listen to them online, download them and burn them to a CD, or print out their written manuscripts for free.  The first is called, “Imparting a Passion: A Challenge to Youth Workers.”  You may listen to it at:  (You’ll need a Quicktime player for this.  If you don’t already have Quicktime player, you can download a free one at  Another great sermon by him on youth ministry is entitled, “Let No One Despise You For Your Youth.”  He just preached this one a few weeks ago at his church in Minnesota.  You may listen to it at:

4. GRADUATION – This may come a little bit too late, but with graduation quickly approaching, there may still be a little time left to handle some related youth ministry business.  A lot of churches give gifts to their graduates.  They give a Bible, or a generic book with wise, proverbial statements about life and success, etc.  I’ve even heard of churches giving out $20 to every graduate.  Here are two great gift ideas just for your graduating students.  The first is a grad pack from Interlinc, a ministry to youth ministries.  You can view, read about, and buy it at:  The second is something somewhat similar that has been put together by the folks at Desiring God Ministries.  It has been themed around John Piper’s book, Don’t Waste Your Life.  You can view, read about, and purchase it here:  A couple of more opportunities that this time of year presents to us youth pastors involves the seniors that are leaving us and the new students that will be promoted up with the new school year.  First, make sure to get those older, wiser, more experienced up in front of your group to share about what God has done in their lives.  Here’s and interesting article that focuses in on how older youth’s testimonies can be a great encouragement to younger students:  Next, here’s an article that contains ideas for how to make the transition of your new and youngest students as smooth as possible:

Well, that’s all for now.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Let’s all help each other do youth ministry better!

Thanks, and in Christ,
Deek Dubberly
Youth Pastor
Eastside Baptist Church

Hello world!

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The UYN Newsletter emails have now been upgraded to a blog.  I will store each week’s Thursday-released Newsletter here at the blog.  Don’t worry, though, the newsletters will still be emailed to you as well.  Thanks for stopping by.