UYN Newsletter #17

Hello UYN,

Here’s another healthy dose of youth ministry resources!  Enjoy.

“10 Ways to Get Teens Talking” – Ever have trouble getting your group to participate in group discussion.  Perhaps this article will help.
“How to Be a Great Youth Pastor” – Bet you can’t guess what this one’s about.
“Planning an Event All of the Way Through” – Great “How-to” about event-planning.
“Volunteerism” – Good advice to remember.
“Ah, 6th Grade Boys” – This is where I want my small groups to be someday.
“Are You Busy?” – C. J. Mahaney provides some rather thought-provoing commentary on busyness vs. diligence.
“Where Do America’s Happiest People Work?” – Guess which job is the happiest?!?
“A Simple Way to Organize Anything” – If you’re like me at all then you probably need some helping getting things organized.
“How Should Church Staff Be Treated?” – A sobering article for us all.  Let’s treat people well. 
“How to Write Better Emails” – Fantastic and highly informative article. 
“The Pastor’s Calendar” – More to help with that ever-busy schedule.
“Parent Ministry” – Could always be better, right?
“5 Steps to Calendar on Purpose” – Maybe the best article linked in this post.
“5 Surefire Ways to Ruin Your Devotions” – My advice: do exactly the opposite of what this article says.
“3 Common Mistakes to Avoid” – Veteran Youth Ministry Advice.
“Interview with Chris Tomlin” – Neat article.  Explains the writing of the song, “God of This City.”
“Making Your Good Trip Great” – Advice on trip planning—always helpful.
“Handling Behavorial Issues” – Real advice for a serious problem.
“Old, New, Borrowed, Blue” – Advice from Kurt Johnston on youth ministry ideas.
“5 Ways to Create a Healthy Small Group Environment” – It is what it says it is.

-Here’s a
great video from Teen Life Ministries about increasing youth event participation.
-Here’s a challenging video from
Doug Eaton called, “Top 10 Ways for Youth Leaders to Hinder the Church.”
-Interesting—seriously—video that asks what it would be lie if
Starbucks marketed itself like so much of the Church does.

-Sermon Libraries:
John Piper
                John MacArthur
-Group’s 2008 Edition Trip & Travel Guide
-Group’s 2008 Edition Church Ministry Sourcebook

-Reuben Farrey from New Vision Church in Alma, GA had this to share with us:—a website that is loaded with free stuff you can use to help with your Bible study.  Just navigate your way to any particular passage (i.e. John 3:16) and you’ll find free maps, powerpoint slides, cross-references, and much, much more.  Very helpful!  
-I thought this race-swap b/t Obama and McCain was pretty hilarious—
a black McCain and a white Obama!
-Does your youth ministry have a website?  Want a free, easy-to-use website?  Go check out Weebly and get your group a free site today. 

Thanks for checking us out,
Deek Dubberly
Youth Pastor
Eastside Baptist Church
Proud Member of the United Youth Network


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