UYN Newsletter #16

Greetings United Youth Network,

Here is our 16thofficial UYN Youth Ministry Resource Newsletter (the UYNYMRN for short…no, I’m kidding).  Enjoy! 

Also, if you ever come across some great youth ministry links, please share the link love with me and I’ll put it in our next newsletter.  Thanks.

-Here’s a fair article descriptively entitled,
“Basic Principles for Adult Leaders.”

-You ever feel like your entire life is youth ministry?  Some may disagree with me at this point, but I say that there’s more to a youth pastor than just his youth ministry.  Here a pretty good article called, “5 Dangers of Always Being ‘On’.”

Mark Devries writes about time management for the ADD youth worker.  Pretty interesting read…

“7 Ways for Your Youth Ministry to Undermine the Family” – Here’s an article about the importance of keeping a youth’s family in mind when you “do” youth ministry.

-Here’s another article related to the significance of “the family” in youth ministry.

“3 Things To Do When You’re Leaving” – Of course, I hope that none of ya’ll are planning on leaving any time soon, but either way the principles in this article apply to every one of us and our respective ministries.

-Here’s a great article for youth worship time.  It’s very practical and its not something that you have to have an awesome “about-to-sign-a-record-deal” praise band to pull off.

Alex and Brett Harris, founders of, and authors of the widely acclaimed book written for “teenagers” by “teenagers,” Do Hard Things, were recently interviewed by Christianity Today.  The interview is titled, “Taking Slackers to Task,” and you can read the full version of it here. 

-Here’s a great Q & A session with Les Christie, youth ministry guru, professor of youth ministries at William Jessup University, and author of several youth ministry books.

A great game to play as a team-building exercise.  Not a lot of setup.  No mess.  Gets your kids working together and building relationships.  Perfect!

A computer-generated depictionof the great flood that God caused during the days of Noah (Thanks to Shyea Courson at Morningside Baptist for the sharing this link with us.)

-A visual journey through a brief clip of a sermonby Paul Washer that speaks about materialism (Again, thanks to Shyea Courson for the link love.)

-As you may already know,
High School Musical 3 is upon us.  If you don’t know anything about this movie or its prequals, ask any of your middle schoolers – I’m sure they’ll be able to tell you all about it.  Kurt Johnston, middle school pastor at Saddleback Church has written a Youth Group Bible Study Guide to go along with the release of the film.  Sign up to download your free copy here. has dozens of free countdowns that you can download for your youth ministry utilization pleasure.  Thanks to Luke B. for the heads-up on this one.

Simply Youth Ministryhas a “weekly” podcast that is always entertaining, usually helpful, and always worth the watch.  Check out their library of over 80 podcasts, all of which are free videos of youth ministry experts fielding questions they’ve received via email.

-Here a great list of recommended resources for youth workers . 

-Here’s a really helpful youth ministry resource site ( that I came across for the very first time this week.  Search around.  There’s bound to be something in there that’s helpful to you.  Also, make sure to check out their blog.  It seems to be just as helpful. 

Deek Dubberly
Youth Pastor
Eastside Baptist Church
Proud Member of the UYN


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