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UYN Newsletter #14
September 16, 2008

Good day, my UYN friends!

Sorry for the delay.  It’s been a couple of weeks or so since my last post.  Don’t worry, though – that only means that this newsletter is packed with more resources and links.  Enjoy.

Before you do anthing else, make absolutely sure that you watch this video!  All I’m gonna say about it is that it’s unbelievably hilarious.

Also, if you’ve never had the privilege of hearing Voddie Baucham speak before, he’s amazing.  This week he was featured on CNN in an interview concerning the fact that many evangelicals who won’t let women be pastors of their churches are big fans of Gov. Sarah Palin’s.  Check out the video footage of this on YouTube.  It’s great!  (Also, here’s a helpful article addressing this same subject.  It’s from the website of The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.)

In case you’ve not already heard, Sherwood Pictures’ (the folks that brought us, Facing the Giants) latest film, Fireproof, is most definitely coming to Douglas for its opening weekend, Sept. 26th.  For more details, you should check with Douglas’ Rockin’ 8 Cinemas.

Please remember to pray for (and consider going to serve) the areas of our country that were devasted by Hurricane Ike.  Here are some pretty telling pictures of the extent of the storm’s damage.

Okay, so here is what you really want – a bunch of free fun stuff:
free graphic backgrounds from
-A free “MythBusters” Powerpoint game from
-A free skit about fasting – again, from
-A free “Name that Car” Powerpoint game from
10 free date ideas to score some major brownie points with your spouse
free “Real or Fake” Powerpoint game from
-a couple free motion backgrounds from
free Scripture video with cool text effects from
-a free 5 minute countdown video from
-six free youth ministry training videos from

Here are some pretty good articles that I’ve sorted through.  I’ve got them arranged topically: Misc Articles, Senior Citizens as Youth Workers, Volunteers, and Small groups.

Misc. Articles:
“A Lot of Youth Workers Are Hurting”
“Three-Mile Marker of Success”
“What Do Sr. Pastors Need To Hear from Youth Workers”

Senior Citizens as Volunteer Youth Workers:
“Why I Recruit Retired Adults to be Youth Leaders”
“My Friend Marv Died Last Week”

Volunteers/Leaders Articles:
-“Write a letter”
“Seven Keys to Keeping Volunteers”
“The Care and Feeding of Leaders”
“Your Leadership Team … It All Begins Here”
“Q & A with Doug Fields: Sue Mallory on Finding and Developing Leaders”
“Attracting Volunteers”
“Keeping Volunteers”

Small Groups:
“When Small Groups Work Best”
“10 Things a Great Small Group Leader Does”
“Eleven Steps to Successful Small Groups”

Misc. Stuff (random stuff that didn’t seem to fit anywhere else):
Tim Keller on
time priorities.
Group’s National
Youth Ministry Conference
Youth Specialties podcast video.

I hope this stuff has been helpful.  Let me end this newsletter with a quote from Doug Fields that really encouraged me: “Trust me…there are thousands of youth workers, ranging from 18 to 81 who represent every denomination you can think of, who are feeling misunderstood, over-worked, under-appreciated, and are questioning their call.  You may not see them, know them, or hear their story…but they’re out there.”

In Christ,
Deek Dubberly
Youth Pastor
Eastside Baptist Church
…and…proud member of the United Youth Network