UYN Newsletter #9

Hello UYN peoples,


, don’t forget that FutureNow is coming to Douglas.  In case you’re not familiar with who FutureNow is and what they do, please go back and check the newsletter that I sent out last week.  It’s on the UYN Newsletter Blog.  Anyways, there is a Future Now Vision Meeting TONIGHT at 7pm at the Coffee County Board of Education.  I’ll be there and I hope to see you there as well.

Next, Randall Laroche, Youth Pastor at Reedy Branch Baptist Church, has invited us all to an event he’s putting together for October.  Here’s what he had to say in an email:

Hey everyone,

I hope that all of you are having a wonder summer and are ready for an exciting school year ahead.  We are in the process at Reedy Branch of planning an event featuring “Brock”(The one that does the death crawl) from Facing the Giants and The JJ Weeks Band.  Jason Mcleod is the name of the young man who starred as Brock in Facing the Giants and he is an excellent youth speaker.  He will be speaking the weekend of the open week for football October 17-18.  I would like to invite all of the churches of Coffee County and surrounding areas.  If you know of anyone that may be interested please forward it to them.  The event will be free both nights so just load up the church bus and bring your groups.  As we are in the planning stages please be in prayer for us.  If you have any questions just ask me.  Take care.

Third, we need to get together.  There’s a massive Revival coming soon (The “Send the Rain” Revival – Sept. 29th through Oct. 1st) and there will be youth services held every night of that revival.  Can you guys get together next Wednesday (Aug. 6th) for lunch?  Please email, call, or come by and see me to let me know.  Thanks.

– Where have all of our attention spans gone.  Read these two fascinating articles and, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be able to relate really well – both in reference to yourself as well as to your students.  The articles are about attention/distraction/multi-tasking.  The first is called, “Are We Distracting Ourselves To Death?” and the second is, “Stoooopid …. Why the Goodle generation isn’t as smart as it thinks.”  

SEXUAL SIN– Do you or any of your young people struggle with pornography?  Here’s a really great article that seeks to get at the heart of the problem.  It’s written by David Powlison, professional counselor and editor of the academic periodical, Journal of Biblical Counseling.  Another very interesting article on this same subject is by Dr. Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.  The article is entitled, “The Seduction of Pornography,”and is featured on a great website/online web-magazine called, Boundless.

TESTIMONIES – Here’s a really neat video called, “Cardboard Testimonies.”  It’s a presentation that a church put together that is both very moving as well as re-creatable.  This is something that each of us could definitely do with our groups.  Thanks, Reuben, for the link.

MONEY, MONEY, MONEYGroup magazine has just recently released its biennial Youth Pastor Salary Survey.  Want to know how your salary compares to the national averages.  Click here and see the survey which includes salary breakdowns based on church size, level of education completed, experience, and location.

BLOGS!!! – Every week (nearly every day) I read through some sixty different blogs(3 of which are from friends, 17 of which are theological in nature, 35 of which are youth ministry-related, and 5 of which are dubbed under “Misc.”).  Anyways, the only way its possible for me to read through all of these is with something called a Blog-reader.  Check out this highly informative video that explains all of the in’s and out’s as to how this works.

TEXT-MESSAGINGSimply Youth Ministry is offering a service that will send out text messages for you…to your students.  It’s called SimplyTXT and its available for subscription or for a free 30-day trial period. 

DISCIPLE-NOW – Have you ever put together an entire Disciple Now Weekend?  Lots of work, huh?  Lifeway offers this free D-Now Planning Guide to any who would use it.  Go check it out.  Pretty helpful stuff, especially if you’re not terribly familiar with what goes on during a Disciple Now weekend.

THIRD DAY – In case you didn’t know already, Third Day just released a brand new album entitled, Revelation, on Tuesday, July  29th.  They’ll be in concert at Wild Adventures on Aug, 30th.  You may purchase tickets for that event here.    

“Top Ten Ways a Church Could Tell Students They Love Them” – Ideas
Cool Sports Photos – Fun to look at
Reverse Caption Photo Scavenger Hunt – Ideas
“How to Leave a Youth Group” – Interesting thoughts
“Drive-Thru Church” – Video
Moo Shoes (Vol. 2.0) – free PowerPoint game
“When Small Groups Work Best”– Intersting thoughts
Internet Addiction

Thanks for reading.  Make disciples of your students!
Deek Dubberly
Youth Pastor
Eastside Baptist Church


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