UYN Youth Ministry Newsletter #8

United Youth Network friends,

Here before you now is yet another installment of the United Youth Network Ministry (Resource) Newsletter.  Enjoy.

FutureNow is coming to Douglas.  In case you’re not familiar with who FutureNow is and what they do, please go by and check out their website.    Here’s an itinerary describing what it is that they actually do when they come in to a community.  There are three things you need to know about what they are going to do in our community: 1) They will be hosting assemblies at the high school, the middle school, and the freshmen campus between Aug. 18-20; 2) they will be holding a gospel presentation meeting on the evening of Wed., Aug. 20th at the CHS gym; and 3) they want our help to get this thing rolling.  There will be a vision meeting July 31st (that’s next Thursday night) at 7pm at the Coffee County Board of Education Conference Room.

AHHHH!!!Top 10 Frustrations for Youth Pastors – I don’t know if all 10 of these would make my top ten list regarding this same subject, but I can most definitely relate pretty well to most of them.  And anyways, doesn’t it feel nice just to be able to have someone to relate to with these frustrations that we have?  It does for me.

COOL STUFF – Okay, once again I am linking you to a YouTube video that doesn’t necessarily have anything specifically to do with youth ministry.  It’s just too cool not to pass on.  Here it is.

MINISTRY – Okay, so it might be a little cheesy, but I just couldn’t’t resist.  Here’s a video all about why it is so important that we love our neighbor as our self.

FREE STUFFTim Schmoyer has done it again.  Here’s another Freebie Friday giveaway.  This time it’s a small-group curriculum called, “Love This!”  It’s based out of a book by Andy Braner called, Love This!: Learning to Make It a Way of Life, Not Just a Word.  If you’re interested in using this material, then you’re gonna need the book that it is based out of.  You can purchase that book here.  (Note: I have not read the book.  I just saw that the small group curriculum for it was free so I linked it.  If you do read it and it’s good, let me know.  Thanks.)

WOW! – This is one of the most inspiring videos that I’ve ever seen.  Maybe you’ve already seen it or one similar to it before.  I have too.  Watch it again anyways.  It’s that moving.  It’s about a father-son team called Team Hoyt.  Simply amazing.

COMPETITION B/T YOUTH GROUPS – Here’s a rather interesting article.  Just the title should be enough to peak your interest: “Competing with Other Local Youth Groups.”

“!@#$^!” –  Have you ever overheard one of your students say a cuss-word.  I have!  And I was quick to respond with something along the lines of, “Eh hem…Hey!  No, no, no!  We don’t use that kind of language.”  But what do you say when your students ask why they shouldn’t’t?  What if they respond with that it’s just a word, and that the Bible doesn’t have any list of what sort of words are acceptable and what sort are not?  Well, here’s a pretty good video that explains “What Makes Language Bad” (WARNING: the video contains graphic language as the speaker is trying to make a point.  It is not offensive in its context, but I figured I should tell you anyways so that you’re not surprised when he starts using foul language).  Go check it out.  It’s by a guy named Paul Tripp.  He’s on the preaching staff at Philadelphia’s Tenth Presbyterian Church.

Thanks for reading.  Love your students.
Deek Dubberly
Youth Pastor
Eastside Baptist Church


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