UYN Youth Ministry Newsletter #7

UYN Peoples,

First, I must apologize.  It’s been nearly two weeks since our last newsletter came out.  There are two primary reasons that this is the case: 1) I’ve been really busy getting ready to be out of the office for two weeks (one at the beach with the youth and another in workshops at NOBTS); 2) there really – and I mean really – hasn’ t been too much activity in the youth ministry blogosphere over the last couple of weeks.  Don’t worry, this week has picked up a little.  Last week, though, there was nothing!

Okay, sorry – no more excuses.  Without any further ado, here is your UYN Youth Ministry Newsletter #7.


DISCIPLE NOW!!! In August.  A group of churches from Alma and Baxley are putting together a Disciple Now for the weekend of August 15-16.  And get this, they want all of us Douglas/Coffee County boys to get in on the action.  As for me and my church, we will do the Disciple Now.  They’ve got Shawn McDonald coming to put on a concert and lead worship.  Here is a link to the theme of the event. 

You need to do it too!  I know it’s kind of late, but seriously, it’s not that late.  We’re youth pastors, remember?  That’s what we do.  We do things late!  Anyways, if you’re interested in joining us, we’d love to have you.  Send me an email ( or give me a call (912-389-5689).  I’ll fill you in as best as I can.

Our first link is to a series of surveys on religious issues.  The surveys’ information, which is a lot, is helpful, but the flash animation/graphic artwork behind the surveys is really cool too.   Make sure you go and check this out. 


Next up on the list is a denominational resource (sorry to all you non-Southern Baptists out there).  It’s the SBC Youth Ministry newsletter.  For those of you that may be interested (I realize that many of you are not affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention), here’s a link to the recent Georgia Baptist Convention Youth Ministry Newsletter.  It contains information about all the programs and events that the GBC is offering to youth ministries over the course of the next year or so.  I’m definitely wanting to hit up Conclave ’09 in January!

Third on out list is a link to a really funny video, Mandles, c/o Mr. Reuben Farrey of Alma, GA.  Thanks for the kink, Reuben.  Absolutely hilarious!

Trying to Look Cool at Church – a very funny article that, shamefully so, I found myself being unfortunately able to relate to a little too much. 

Muddy River Media – Free Media!!!  I’m serious, it’s all absolutely free.  There are tons of still images, background video loops, video timer/countdowns that you can use in Mediashout or SongShow.  And did I mention that it’s free.  There’s a one-time account registration sign-up, but no cost is attached and they don’t ask for any credit card information.  Go check it out. 

30 Practical Ways for Pastors to Love Their Wives & Families – an article compiled by several pastors and made availble by IX Marks Ministries out of Washington D. C.  The name of the article is description enough.

So here’s an article that gives ideas about how to raise the funds to go on mission trips and the like.  Fundraising Ideas from Rethinking Youth Ministry. 

Last up on our list of links for the week is a really interesting article that uses a survey-system to link high school student personas (i.e. “the geek,” “the jock,” “the cheerleader,” etc.) with jobs, salaries, and levels of happiness later in life.  In other words, the article takes what people used to be when they were in high school and compares it with what they are now as adults.  It was actually pretty interesting. 


Deek Dubberly
Youth Pastor
Eastside Baptist Church

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