UYN Newsletter #3

Hello again my UYN friends,

Here’s yet another batch of freshly-baked youth ministry goodies!  Please pass these resources on to other youth workers at your church, other youth pastors in our community, and other people anywhere that you can think of that might benefit from them.  I don’t have everyone’s email address, but if we each forward this stuff along, that means that more youth workers are getting more free resources.  And that’s great.

Also, and this is really good, I just launched a new UYN Newsletter blog today.  The purpose of it is to archive all of the UYN newsletters that I send out so you can go there and find any of the links that I’ve put in any of the newsletter emails.  The UYN Newsletter blog address is:  Enjoy!

àFirst up, you may have heard of the organization called Youth Specialties.  Their founder, Mike Yaconelli, died in a car accident in October of 2003.  Author of countless articles and books on youth ministry, speaker to untold thousands at youth conferences across the globe, this man truly was remarkable.  Here’s a very inspiring video montage of Mike speaking to youth workers (Make sure your volume is turned up – clicking the link will open a streaming video in your default video player). 

àThis is most definitely one of the more histerical pictures I have seen this entire year!  It’s not really related to youth ministry, but maybe you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.  

àNorman Vincent Peale, Protestant preacher and author, said that, “The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.  How true that is!  Let me encourage you to get feedback from your pastor, your church leadership, your students, and perhaps most importantly, from your volunteer youth workers.  A couple of weeks ago I had a youth worker meeting and gave the following youth workers’ survey to my youth workers.  The response was incredibly helpful, though not all of it was easy to swallow.  Chances are, you as a youth worker are not doing everything that you should be doing.  On top of that, you’re probably doing some things that you shouldn’t be doing.  And get this, the things that you are doing that you should be doing could probably be done better.  Feedback surveys like the one linked above can go a really long way in helping us to be better youth pastors leading better youth groups raising up better disciples of Christ.

àWith graduation having just passed us by, the thoughts of graduated students leaving our youth groups behind and heading off to college are very much in our minds.  Here’s a website that seeks to help transition youth-group-oriented high school students to young disciples of Christ that are ready to face the secular worldviews prominent on nearly every college campus.  Here’s a couple of books that may prove helpful in this area too: 1) How to Stay Christian in College, by J. Budziszewski; 2) University of Destruction, by David Wheaton; Ask Me Anything, also by J. Budziszewski; and Basic Christianity, by John Stott.

àWhoa!  DO NOT MISS THIS!!!  Simply Youth Ministry is currently putting on their once-a-year FreeForAll.  If you’re willing to click around and search hard enough, you’ll find all sorts of freebies that are filed in six different categories: 1) Junior High; 2) Media; 3) Training; 4) Discipleship; 5) Sermons; and 6) Small Group.  Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity to get free stuff.

àJosh Griffin is the High School Pastor at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA.  Here he offers three tips for how to talk about sex with your youth group.  And please remember, he’s a HIGH SCHOOL pastor.  The things he talks about in the video were shared with high schoolers, not middle schoolers.  There’s a huge difference you know. 

àI may have already plugged this book, but even if I have its worth another nod.  Alex and Brett Harris have written a book called, Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion against Low Expectations.  The book is absolutely fantastic and I could not recommend to you highly enough.  Check out this interview that NPR did with Alex and Brett.  It’s titled, “Teens: Don’t Be Lazy.”  (Once you follow the link to the interview, make sure to click the “Listen Now” link that is towards the top of the page.  The audio interview will open up in a NPR media player.)

Thanks for reading, friends.  And don’t forget to check our newsletter out on the web at!!!

Your fellow laborer in youth ministry,
Deek Dubberly
Mark 8:35-36

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