UYN Newsletter #17

November 13, 2008 - Leave a Response

Hello UYN,

Here’s another healthy dose of youth ministry resources!  Enjoy.

“10 Ways to Get Teens Talking” – Ever have trouble getting your group to participate in group discussion.  Perhaps this article will help.
“How to Be a Great Youth Pastor” – Bet you can’t guess what this one’s about.
“Planning an Event All of the Way Through” – Great “How-to” about event-planning.
“Volunteerism” – Good advice to remember.
“Ah, 6th Grade Boys” – This is where I want my small groups to be someday.
“Are You Busy?” – C. J. Mahaney provides some rather thought-provoing commentary on busyness vs. diligence.
“Where Do America’s Happiest People Work?” – Guess which job is the happiest?!?
“A Simple Way to Organize Anything” – If you’re like me at all then you probably need some helping getting things organized.
“How Should Church Staff Be Treated?” – A sobering article for us all.  Let’s treat people well. 
“How to Write Better Emails” – Fantastic and highly informative article. 
“The Pastor’s Calendar” – More to help with that ever-busy schedule.
“Parent Ministry” – Could always be better, right?
“5 Steps to Calendar on Purpose” – Maybe the best article linked in this post.
“5 Surefire Ways to Ruin Your Devotions” – My advice: do exactly the opposite of what this article says.
“3 Common Mistakes to Avoid” – Veteran Youth Ministry Advice.
“Interview with Chris Tomlin” – Neat article.  Explains the writing of the song, “God of This City.”
“Making Your Good Trip Great” – Advice on trip planning—always helpful.
“Handling Behavorial Issues” – Real advice for a serious problem.
“Old, New, Borrowed, Blue” – Advice from Kurt Johnston on youth ministry ideas.
“5 Ways to Create a Healthy Small Group Environment” – It is what it says it is.

-Here’s a
great video from Teen Life Ministries about increasing youth event participation.
-Here’s a challenging video from
Doug Eaton called, “Top 10 Ways for Youth Leaders to Hinder the Church.”
-Interesting—seriously—video that asks what it would be lie if
Starbucks marketed itself like so much of the Church does.

-Sermon Libraries:
John Piper
                John MacArthur
-Group’s 2008 Edition Trip & Travel Guide
-Group’s 2008 Edition Church Ministry Sourcebook

-Reuben Farrey from New Vision Church in Alma, GA had this to share with us:—a website that is loaded with free stuff you can use to help with your Bible study.  Just navigate your way to any particular passage (i.e. John 3:16) and you’ll find free maps, powerpoint slides, cross-references, and much, much more.  Very helpful!  
-I thought this race-swap b/t Obama and McCain was pretty hilarious—
a black McCain and a white Obama!
-Does your youth ministry have a website?  Want a free, easy-to-use website?  Go check out Weebly and get your group a free site today. 

Thanks for checking us out,
Deek Dubberly
Youth Pastor
Eastside Baptist Church
Proud Member of the United Youth Network


UYN Newsletter #16

October 23, 2008 - Leave a Response

Greetings United Youth Network,

Here is our 16thofficial UYN Youth Ministry Resource Newsletter (the UYNYMRN for short…no, I’m kidding).  Enjoy! 

Also, if you ever come across some great youth ministry links, please share the link love with me and I’ll put it in our next newsletter.  Thanks.

-Here’s a fair article descriptively entitled,
“Basic Principles for Adult Leaders.”

-You ever feel like your entire life is youth ministry?  Some may disagree with me at this point, but I say that there’s more to a youth pastor than just his youth ministry.  Here a pretty good article called, “5 Dangers of Always Being ‘On’.”

Mark Devries writes about time management for the ADD youth worker.  Pretty interesting read…

“7 Ways for Your Youth Ministry to Undermine the Family” – Here’s an article about the importance of keeping a youth’s family in mind when you “do” youth ministry.

-Here’s another article related to the significance of “the family” in youth ministry.

“3 Things To Do When You’re Leaving” – Of course, I hope that none of ya’ll are planning on leaving any time soon, but either way the principles in this article apply to every one of us and our respective ministries.

-Here’s a great article for youth worship time.  It’s very practical and its not something that you have to have an awesome “about-to-sign-a-record-deal” praise band to pull off.

Alex and Brett Harris, founders of, and authors of the widely acclaimed book written for “teenagers” by “teenagers,” Do Hard Things, were recently interviewed by Christianity Today.  The interview is titled, “Taking Slackers to Task,” and you can read the full version of it here. 

-Here’s a great Q & A session with Les Christie, youth ministry guru, professor of youth ministries at William Jessup University, and author of several youth ministry books.

A great game to play as a team-building exercise.  Not a lot of setup.  No mess.  Gets your kids working together and building relationships.  Perfect!

A computer-generated depictionof the great flood that God caused during the days of Noah (Thanks to Shyea Courson at Morningside Baptist for the sharing this link with us.)

-A visual journey through a brief clip of a sermonby Paul Washer that speaks about materialism (Again, thanks to Shyea Courson for the link love.)

-As you may already know,
High School Musical 3 is upon us.  If you don’t know anything about this movie or its prequals, ask any of your middle schoolers – I’m sure they’ll be able to tell you all about it.  Kurt Johnston, middle school pastor at Saddleback Church has written a Youth Group Bible Study Guide to go along with the release of the film.  Sign up to download your free copy here. has dozens of free countdowns that you can download for your youth ministry utilization pleasure.  Thanks to Luke B. for the heads-up on this one.

Simply Youth Ministryhas a “weekly” podcast that is always entertaining, usually helpful, and always worth the watch.  Check out their library of over 80 podcasts, all of which are free videos of youth ministry experts fielding questions they’ve received via email.

-Here a great list of recommended resources for youth workers . 

-Here’s a really helpful youth ministry resource site ( that I came across for the very first time this week.  Search around.  There’s bound to be something in there that’s helpful to you.  Also, make sure to check out their blog.  It seems to be just as helpful. 

Deek Dubberly
Youth Pastor
Eastside Baptist Church
Proud Member of the UYN

UYN Newsletter #15

October 20, 2008 - Leave a Response

Hello UYN’ers,

I know that its been quite some time since our last newsletter, but what can I say?  I’ve just been busy.  That length of time does mean, though, that the links and resources contained in this newsletter are better and more plentiful.  So enjoy.

To start things off here’s a little humor for you:
another funny Christian music video.  Just in case you missed some of the ther hilarious Christian music videos that I’ve linked to in previous newsletters, here they are again:
“Baby Voice for Jesus”
“Bad Christian Music”
“Jesus is My Friend” (this one’s my personal favorite!)

-Very Encouraging video segment from John Piper about faithfulness.

Excellent video of Josh Harris climaxing his sermon about what it means to believe in Jesus Christ

Superbly done video about how we use our tongues to bless God and curse man.

Great email exchange between Kurt Johnston and one of his youth’s parents.  Great example of how to handle conflicts.

“By the Time I’m Done with You” (aka – and article that asks the question, “What do you want your teenagers to look like when they graduate from high  school?”)

-Highly informative newsletter from James Dobson about the differences between the two primary presidential candidates.

Center for Parent-Youth Understanding has recently release a free online e-journal.  It’s worth a click, so head on over and check it out. 

-Great article by Mark Devries on, “Training in the Art of Reading.”

-There’s been a lot of blogging lately about parachurch organizations.  Particular attention has been paid to college campus ministries.  Here are a few of the latest entries:
“Parachurch Ministries for College Students”
“College Students and Parachurch Organizations”
“The Role of Parachurch Organizations in the Lives of College Students”
But of all these recent articles, the clearest and most poignant comes from Russell D. Moore, Dean of the School of Theology at Louisville, KY’s, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  It’s cleverly entitled, “Jesus Didn’t Die for a Campus Ministry: The Spiritual Danger of Unchurched Spirituality.”

“(Not) Making it Happen” – Pretty good article that offers some perspective about what it means to serve faithfully as opposed to simply building a youth pastor-centered ministry empire.

“3 Ways to Get Chips in Your Pocket” – some simple, timeless, overtly practical truths for youth ministry

“3 Ways Youth Ministry Can Support the Church” – Remember, theirs is more to your church than just your youth ministry.

“Family Meals Reduce Risky Teen Sex” – the importance of quality family time.

“4 Skills Your Next Youth Pastor Has to Have” – some great advice; things we perhaps need to work on.

“11 Ways to Reduce Stress in Ministry” – Everyone I know complains that they’re too busy.  If that’s you too, then read this article.

A ton of praise song lyrics already saved in a PowerPoint/ready-to-present form.
52 Links that Youth Workers need to check out from Josh Griffin’s, More Than Dodgeball blog
-Here’s a great list of FREE RESOURCES from (I know what you may be thinking, and yes I am a youth ministry geek, but no this is not from my blog).

-LOCAL ANNOUNCEMENT – Mrs. Tammy Bennett who works with the youth over at
Crossroads Church here in Douglas has invited all of us to a Youth Rally at her church on Sunday, November 2, 2008, at 6pm.  Archie Rish, youth pastor at College Avenue Baptist Church, will be speaking.  There will be music, games, prizes, and pizza.  Again, all are invited to attend. 

-Hopefully, you remember our speakers from the Send the Rain Youth Revival, Walker Moore and Brent Higgins (you can read a short bio on both of these men here).  Both of these guys have written some great books. 
-Walker’s book is entitled, Rite of Passage Parenting: Four Essential Experiences to Equip Your Kids for Life.  There’s also a
workbook you can purchase to go along with the book.
-Brent’s book is entitled, I Would Die for You: One’s Student’s Story of Passion, Service and Faith.  Brent’s publisher,
Revell Books has made available a free Youth Group Guide to go along with the book.

Your partner in youth ministry,
Deek Dubberly
Youth Pastor
Eastside Baptist Church
Proud Member of The United Youth Network

UYN Newsletter #14

September 16, 2008 - 2 Responses

Good day, my UYN friends!

Sorry for the delay.  It’s been a couple of weeks or so since my last post.  Don’t worry, though – that only means that this newsletter is packed with more resources and links.  Enjoy.

Before you do anthing else, make absolutely sure that you watch this video!  All I’m gonna say about it is that it’s unbelievably hilarious.

Also, if you’ve never had the privilege of hearing Voddie Baucham speak before, he’s amazing.  This week he was featured on CNN in an interview concerning the fact that many evangelicals who won’t let women be pastors of their churches are big fans of Gov. Sarah Palin’s.  Check out the video footage of this on YouTube.  It’s great!  (Also, here’s a helpful article addressing this same subject.  It’s from the website of The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.)

In case you’ve not already heard, Sherwood Pictures’ (the folks that brought us, Facing the Giants) latest film, Fireproof, is most definitely coming to Douglas for its opening weekend, Sept. 26th.  For more details, you should check with Douglas’ Rockin’ 8 Cinemas.

Please remember to pray for (and consider going to serve) the areas of our country that were devasted by Hurricane Ike.  Here are some pretty telling pictures of the extent of the storm’s damage.

Okay, so here is what you really want – a bunch of free fun stuff:
free graphic backgrounds from
-A free “MythBusters” Powerpoint game from
-A free skit about fasting – again, from
-A free “Name that Car” Powerpoint game from
10 free date ideas to score some major brownie points with your spouse
free “Real or Fake” Powerpoint game from
-a couple free motion backgrounds from
free Scripture video with cool text effects from
-a free 5 minute countdown video from
-six free youth ministry training videos from

Here are some pretty good articles that I’ve sorted through.  I’ve got them arranged topically: Misc Articles, Senior Citizens as Youth Workers, Volunteers, and Small groups.

Misc. Articles:
“A Lot of Youth Workers Are Hurting”
“Three-Mile Marker of Success”
“What Do Sr. Pastors Need To Hear from Youth Workers”

Senior Citizens as Volunteer Youth Workers:
“Why I Recruit Retired Adults to be Youth Leaders”
“My Friend Marv Died Last Week”

Volunteers/Leaders Articles:
-“Write a letter”
“Seven Keys to Keeping Volunteers”
“The Care and Feeding of Leaders”
“Your Leadership Team … It All Begins Here”
“Q & A with Doug Fields: Sue Mallory on Finding and Developing Leaders”
“Attracting Volunteers”
“Keeping Volunteers”

Small Groups:
“When Small Groups Work Best”
“10 Things a Great Small Group Leader Does”
“Eleven Steps to Successful Small Groups”

Misc. Stuff (random stuff that didn’t seem to fit anywhere else):
Tim Keller on
time priorities.
Group’s National
Youth Ministry Conference
Youth Specialties podcast video.

I hope this stuff has been helpful.  Let me end this newsletter with a quote from Doug Fields that really encouraged me: “Trust me…there are thousands of youth workers, ranging from 18 to 81 who represent every denomination you can think of, who are feeling misunderstood, over-worked, under-appreciated, and are questioning their call.  You may not see them, know them, or hear their story…but they’re out there.”

In Christ,
Deek Dubberly
Youth Pastor
Eastside Baptist Church
…and…proud member of the United Youth Network

UYN Newsletter #13

August 28, 2008 - Leave a Response

Hello United Youth Network,

It’s that time again – time for yet another dispatch of the good ol’ UYN Resource Newsletter.  I truly hope that you benefit from these weekly posts.  I know that I am as a sort through all the various links and resources in order to decide which ones will make it to the Newsletter.

Up first is a link to a sermon by Paul Washer, director of the Heart Cry Missionary Society.  This video was brought to my attention by Mark and Shyea, a couple of guys who, along with Michelle, work with the youth at Morningside Baptist Church here in Douglas.  Go check out this video.  It’s a rather powerful message.

Up next is a topic that’s super, super, non-negotionably important – personal devotions. is an online ministry to pastors and their families.  It is maintained by Focus on the Family’s Pastoral Ministries.  Listen here as H. B. London, Jr. interviews Henry Blackaby, Jerry Bridges, and Chuck Swindoll about the significance and practice of personal devotions in the life of a pastor.  Listen to it in Quicktime format here; or download it to your computer here.

Here is some more helps for our personal lives.  Watch this insightful video from Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, and author of The Reason for God, about the dire need for ministers to stay close to God and to have a strong family.  Similarly, here is advice from John Piper to ministers about staying close to your family.

Here are a couple of resources that are not free but I must say are defintely worth the price.  Group Magazine is awesome – period.  When I receive one it’s not uncommon for me to read every word on every page within 24 hours of having received it in the mail.  Another fantastic youth ministry magazine is Youthworker Journal.  I can honestly say that I am a very supportive subscriber of both of these magazines.  Youth ministry is hard.  It’s so easy to get off track and forget what your priorities are.  Reading magazines like these two not just supremely practical because they give you incredible ideas for ministry, but also because they can really help keep you pointed in the right direction (i.e. towards God and towards student and volunteer workers).

Miscellaneous but very possibly helpful links to youth-ministry related stuff:
16 weeks worth of youth group service ideas and activities.
Neat visual trick of a cat running (Okay, okay – so this is not related to youth ministry.  Whatever.  I just though it was cool and wanted to share it with someone.)
“When Ministry and Seminary Collide” (Don’t let the title fool you – this article is for you, no matter whether you’re in seminary or not.  The article is basically about how when life gets busy, your family is the one that usually ends up paying for it.)
Top 5 Summer youth events that cost under $5
Neat idea for a youth “choir”
Toilet paper game
Game idea for your next youth group meeting (JK!)

Thanks for reading along,
Deek Dubberly
Youth Pastor
Eastside Baptist Church

UYN Newsletter #12

August 20, 2008 - One Response

UYN friends,

Here’s the freshest stuff of the week.  Enjoy.  And I hope to see many of you in roughly an hour or so at our UYN meeting!

This week I came across a series of articles called, “The Death of Youth Ministry.”  Interesting title, fascinating reading!  Check the series out here: Part One; Part Two; Part Three.  And make sure to listen to this related sermon by Voddie Baucham called, “The Centrality of the Home.”  This sermon is absolutely fantastic!  Seriously.  Go and listen to it.  Or download it here.

Here’s a guy you may have heard of before, J. Budziszewski (a.k.a. “Professor Theophilus”).  He’s got a Ph.D. from Yale and is professor of Government and Philosophy at the University of Texas in Austin.  Anyways, he’s also a Christian writer.  Here is a three-part dialogue that he put together about students who claim that there are a bunch of errors in the Bible.  It’s a pretty good read.  And I’m guessing it may be of some help to us in youth ministry.  Go give it a glance here: Part 1Part 2Part 3.

Do you ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day to get all the things done that you need to get done?  Well here’s some help. has posted a series of articles about things that waste our time.  I was surprised at how relevant and concise these articles were.  There only about a page long each.  Go and read them.  It will take a few minutes to read each one, but it could help save you a lot of time in the long run.  Here they are:
Time Waster #1 – Procrastination
Time Waster #2 – The Internet Sucked My Life Away
Time Waster #3 – Be Unavailable.  Like Jesus.
Time Waster #4 – Bash Your Television into a Million Pieces
Time Waster #5 – Disorganization
Time Waster #6 – Saying “Yes” to Every Request
Extra #1 – Can’t Say No?  Try the Qualified “Yes”
Extra #2 – You’re a Victim of Triage     

Any of ya’ll ever have an outside speaker come in and share with your students?  Maybe on a retreat or at camp or for a Disciple Now?  Well, here are some tips that Josh Griffin, High School Pastor at Saddleback Church, has to share with you.

I don’t know how many of you guys would consider yourselves to be commentary buffs, but whenever I study a passage of Scripture, usually somewhere in that process I consult with a few biblical commentaries.  Needless to say, over the last couple of years I have compiled several recommended commentary lists.  Here’s a website I just found that is dedicated entirely to finding and recommending good commentaries.

Various Youth Ministry-Related Posts:
“A.C.E. You Follow-Up Event”
-An obituary that is awfully sad.  Could probably be used in a lesson about selfishness and what kind of legacy we leave behind us.
“Knowing God: Relationship, not Ritual”
Phil Wickham has a CD that he’s giving away for free.  Download it here.
David Crowder’s got a free song he’s trying to give away.  Go and get it here.
“Moving Parents off the Bench”
Youth Specialties Podcast here (Aug. 18th, 2008).  Some great pointers.

Thanks for reading,
Deek Dubberly
Youth Pastor
Eastside Baptist Church

UYN Resource Newsletter #11

August 15, 2008 - Leave a Response

Dearest UYN friends and family,

Here is the 11th UYN newsletter!  It’s full of free youth ministry and/or youth ministry-related goodies.  Enjoy!

There’s a new study Bible coming out this October.  It looks to be one of the best and most comprehensive study Bibles ever produced.  It’s called the ESV Study Bible.  You may pre-order one here (scroll down), or visit their website here, or watch a video about it here.

Mark Driscoll has a new book coming out entitled, Death by Love.  You may order it here, watch a video about it here, and read a free chapter from it here.

Oh, and by the way, did anyone hear about Michael Phelps’ diet?  Check out was he reported he usually ate on any given day.

Sermons on being a good father and operating a godly household.

Bible reading plans!  The following are plans or guides for reading through the Bible.  These can be very helpful in helping us and our students to have a consistent daily Bible-reading plan.  Check out the following links.  There are several different Bible reading plans to choose from:
Bethlehem Baptist Church
-Zondervan offers several reading plans
And while I’m at it, here’s another handy write-up about Quiet Time’s.  It’s basically a “how to” article about QT’s.

On a related note, here’s a really good one-page article that we all need to read and have available when our students come to us saying that their spiritual life is dull or dry.  It’s entitled, “Ten Questions to Ask When Your Spiritual Life Is Dull and Dry.”

Here’s an encouraging article about being faithful wherever God has placed you.  It was helpful for me.  Maybe it will be for you as well.

Here’s a really helpful website that Reuben, our friend from Alma, pointed out to me.  It’s called, The Resurgence Greek Project.  The sites creator, Zach Hubert, writes that the site’s purpose is to “assist your study of the Bible in the original languages no matter what your current background in Greek and Hebrew, and that through your study, your knowledge of the Bible and the languages would both grow!”  The site offers a great deal of helpful tools, but can be a bit overwhelming to the new user.  That’s why Zach offers the following tutorial page.  Go and check it out.  And thanks to Reuben for the link.

Youth Ministry-Related Articles:
“What To Do When Less Than 5 Kids Show Up At Youth Group”

That’s all for now.  Stay tuned next for more youth ministry resources.  Thanks!

In Christ,
Deek Dubberly
Youth Pastor
Eastside Baptist Church

UYN Youth Ministry Resource Newsletter #10

August 8, 2008 - Leave a Response

Hello United Youth Network friends,     

Before I post any youth ministry goodies, let me announce that there will be a UYN meeting on Aug. 20th, at 12:00pm at Hungry Howie’s here in Douglas.  Please make every effort to attend as this meeting will serve to finalize (hopefully) some details about our See You at the Pole plans for Sept. 23-24 as well as for our plans for the Send the Rain Youth Revival which is set for Sept. 28 – Oct. 1.

Here’s you freshly baked batch of youth ministry resource goodies!  Enjoy.

First up, a video that has absolutely nothing to do with youth ministry.  I only link to it here because it was so enjoyable to watch.  The title of this montage should be plenty enough to grab your attention: “10 Completely Insane Activities Probably Not Covered by Insurance

Next up is a rather moving promotional video for the 2008 Canadian Youth Workers Conference(CYWC).   You need to watch this video.  It’s really good.

Oh, and here’s some more information on utilizing text-messaging for ministry purposes.

This next link may seem a bit odd, but I found it to be incredibly insightful and poignant.  It’s written by John Walton, professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College.  He writes about serving as a children’s ministry Bible lesson evaluator for his church.  He outlines five interpretation-related mistakes that children’s Bible lessons often make.  These types of mistakes are unfortunately a common problem found in youth ministry as well.  You can read about five things to avoid when preparing and delivering sermons/messages/talks/messages to your students here.

Up next is a guy named Francis Chan.  You may have heard of him before through his involvement with the college ministry Passion conferences, which are led by Louie Giglio; or through a film that he helped put together called, Just Stop and Think.    Anyways, Francis Chan has a new book out that looks to be really good.  It’s called, God’s Crazy Love.  Make sure to go and check it out.

Next up for discussion is something referred to as, “nature-deficit disorder.”  Chances are, you’ve got several students in your church who struggle with this.  Read about it in the following two articles by Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  The first article is entitled, “Nature-Deficit Disorder—Have Children Forgotten How to Play Outdoors?”  The second is, “Aliens in Creation – A Generation of Nature Know-Nothings.”

OTHER Decent Youth Ministry Articles:
“Being a Youth Ministry Professional”
“Evaluation Time: My Marriage and Family”
“Protecting Your Family in Ministry”
“The Busy Season”
”Visualizing the End “Product”

Well, that’s all for this week.  Thanks for checkin’ us out.  I hope that you are helped in your journey through youth ministry by these resources.

In Christ,
Deek Dubberly
Youth Pastor
Eastside Baptist Church

UYN Newsletter #9

July 31, 2008 - Leave a Response

Hello UYN peoples,


, don’t forget that FutureNow is coming to Douglas.  In case you’re not familiar with who FutureNow is and what they do, please go back and check the newsletter that I sent out last week.  It’s on the UYN Newsletter Blog.  Anyways, there is a Future Now Vision Meeting TONIGHT at 7pm at the Coffee County Board of Education.  I’ll be there and I hope to see you there as well.

Next, Randall Laroche, Youth Pastor at Reedy Branch Baptist Church, has invited us all to an event he’s putting together for October.  Here’s what he had to say in an email:

Hey everyone,

I hope that all of you are having a wonder summer and are ready for an exciting school year ahead.  We are in the process at Reedy Branch of planning an event featuring “Brock”(The one that does the death crawl) from Facing the Giants and The JJ Weeks Band.  Jason Mcleod is the name of the young man who starred as Brock in Facing the Giants and he is an excellent youth speaker.  He will be speaking the weekend of the open week for football October 17-18.  I would like to invite all of the churches of Coffee County and surrounding areas.  If you know of anyone that may be interested please forward it to them.  The event will be free both nights so just load up the church bus and bring your groups.  As we are in the planning stages please be in prayer for us.  If you have any questions just ask me.  Take care.

Third, we need to get together.  There’s a massive Revival coming soon (The “Send the Rain” Revival – Sept. 29th through Oct. 1st) and there will be youth services held every night of that revival.  Can you guys get together next Wednesday (Aug. 6th) for lunch?  Please email, call, or come by and see me to let me know.  Thanks.

– Where have all of our attention spans gone.  Read these two fascinating articles and, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be able to relate really well – both in reference to yourself as well as to your students.  The articles are about attention/distraction/multi-tasking.  The first is called, “Are We Distracting Ourselves To Death?” and the second is, “Stoooopid …. Why the Goodle generation isn’t as smart as it thinks.”  

SEXUAL SIN– Do you or any of your young people struggle with pornography?  Here’s a really great article that seeks to get at the heart of the problem.  It’s written by David Powlison, professional counselor and editor of the academic periodical, Journal of Biblical Counseling.  Another very interesting article on this same subject is by Dr. Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.  The article is entitled, “The Seduction of Pornography,”and is featured on a great website/online web-magazine called, Boundless.

TESTIMONIES – Here’s a really neat video called, “Cardboard Testimonies.”  It’s a presentation that a church put together that is both very moving as well as re-creatable.  This is something that each of us could definitely do with our groups.  Thanks, Reuben, for the link.

MONEY, MONEY, MONEYGroup magazine has just recently released its biennial Youth Pastor Salary Survey.  Want to know how your salary compares to the national averages.  Click here and see the survey which includes salary breakdowns based on church size, level of education completed, experience, and location.

BLOGS!!! – Every week (nearly every day) I read through some sixty different blogs(3 of which are from friends, 17 of which are theological in nature, 35 of which are youth ministry-related, and 5 of which are dubbed under “Misc.”).  Anyways, the only way its possible for me to read through all of these is with something called a Blog-reader.  Check out this highly informative video that explains all of the in’s and out’s as to how this works.

TEXT-MESSAGINGSimply Youth Ministry is offering a service that will send out text messages for you…to your students.  It’s called SimplyTXT and its available for subscription or for a free 30-day trial period. 

DISCIPLE-NOW – Have you ever put together an entire Disciple Now Weekend?  Lots of work, huh?  Lifeway offers this free D-Now Planning Guide to any who would use it.  Go check it out.  Pretty helpful stuff, especially if you’re not terribly familiar with what goes on during a Disciple Now weekend.

THIRD DAY – In case you didn’t know already, Third Day just released a brand new album entitled, Revelation, on Tuesday, July  29th.  They’ll be in concert at Wild Adventures on Aug, 30th.  You may purchase tickets for that event here.    

“Top Ten Ways a Church Could Tell Students They Love Them” – Ideas
Cool Sports Photos – Fun to look at
Reverse Caption Photo Scavenger Hunt – Ideas
“How to Leave a Youth Group” – Interesting thoughts
“Drive-Thru Church” – Video
Moo Shoes (Vol. 2.0) – free PowerPoint game
“When Small Groups Work Best”– Intersting thoughts
Internet Addiction

Thanks for reading.  Make disciples of your students!
Deek Dubberly
Youth Pastor
Eastside Baptist Church

UYN Youth Ministry Newsletter #8

July 24, 2008 - Leave a Response

United Youth Network friends,

Here before you now is yet another installment of the United Youth Network Ministry (Resource) Newsletter.  Enjoy.

FutureNow is coming to Douglas.  In case you’re not familiar with who FutureNow is and what they do, please go by and check out their website.    Here’s an itinerary describing what it is that they actually do when they come in to a community.  There are three things you need to know about what they are going to do in our community: 1) They will be hosting assemblies at the high school, the middle school, and the freshmen campus between Aug. 18-20; 2) they will be holding a gospel presentation meeting on the evening of Wed., Aug. 20th at the CHS gym; and 3) they want our help to get this thing rolling.  There will be a vision meeting July 31st (that’s next Thursday night) at 7pm at the Coffee County Board of Education Conference Room.

AHHHH!!!Top 10 Frustrations for Youth Pastors – I don’t know if all 10 of these would make my top ten list regarding this same subject, but I can most definitely relate pretty well to most of them.  And anyways, doesn’t it feel nice just to be able to have someone to relate to with these frustrations that we have?  It does for me.

COOL STUFF – Okay, once again I am linking you to a YouTube video that doesn’t necessarily have anything specifically to do with youth ministry.  It’s just too cool not to pass on.  Here it is.

MINISTRY – Okay, so it might be a little cheesy, but I just couldn’t’t resist.  Here’s a video all about why it is so important that we love our neighbor as our self.

FREE STUFFTim Schmoyer has done it again.  Here’s another Freebie Friday giveaway.  This time it’s a small-group curriculum called, “Love This!”  It’s based out of a book by Andy Braner called, Love This!: Learning to Make It a Way of Life, Not Just a Word.  If you’re interested in using this material, then you’re gonna need the book that it is based out of.  You can purchase that book here.  (Note: I have not read the book.  I just saw that the small group curriculum for it was free so I linked it.  If you do read it and it’s good, let me know.  Thanks.)

WOW! – This is one of the most inspiring videos that I’ve ever seen.  Maybe you’ve already seen it or one similar to it before.  I have too.  Watch it again anyways.  It’s that moving.  It’s about a father-son team called Team Hoyt.  Simply amazing.

COMPETITION B/T YOUTH GROUPS – Here’s a rather interesting article.  Just the title should be enough to peak your interest: “Competing with Other Local Youth Groups.”

“!@#$^!” –  Have you ever overheard one of your students say a cuss-word.  I have!  And I was quick to respond with something along the lines of, “Eh hem…Hey!  No, no, no!  We don’t use that kind of language.”  But what do you say when your students ask why they shouldn’t’t?  What if they respond with that it’s just a word, and that the Bible doesn’t have any list of what sort of words are acceptable and what sort are not?  Well, here’s a pretty good video that explains “What Makes Language Bad” (WARNING: the video contains graphic language as the speaker is trying to make a point.  It is not offensive in its context, but I figured I should tell you anyways so that you’re not surprised when he starts using foul language).  Go check it out.  It’s by a guy named Paul Tripp.  He’s on the preaching staff at Philadelphia’s Tenth Presbyterian Church.

Thanks for reading.  Love your students.
Deek Dubberly
Youth Pastor
Eastside Baptist Church